Saturday, June 4, 2011

Desktop Filing System

A desktop filing system is a great way to keep control of those papers you frequently use. Your file should be small, but big enough to hold standard file folders. Go through it often to make sure papers don't build up there. Your desktop file may contain:

Bills: If you pay your bills at this desk, or if you pay them somewhere else, this is a good place to keep them until bill-paying time

Invitations: Add the dates and times to your calendar, then file the invitation (sans the pictures, envelopes and other superfluous stuff) so you have maps or other necessary information. When the event is over, toss the invitation.

Individuals: Each family member should have a file. In his or her folder, keep sports schedule, music lesson information, current school information, current medical records, etc.

Household: Things you use often such as grocery lists, cleaning lists, job charts, etc.

Coupons: Grocery store, restaurant discounts and other deals

Receipts: If you save your receipts, you can file them here until you enter them in your computer program or ledger books.

Take-Out Menus: Easy to pick up at your favorite places, easy to find when you need them, along with the phone numbers

You may also want to include things like a notebook, clipboard, post-its, pens and scissors, envelopes and stamps, depending on what your desk contains. If your desktop is too small to hold these kinds of files, you may want assemble these files on a wall-mounted system.

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